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2013 Meetings & Workshops



 SP2: From surface heat flow mapping to geodynamic analysis and geothermal energy

Organiser: IASPEI; Co-sponsor: IAPSO
Lead Convener: Cristoph Clauser – IASPEI (Germany)
Co-Conveners: Yuri Popov – IASPEI (Russia), Valiya Hamza - IAPSO (Brasil), Olafur Flovenz – IASPEI (Iceland)

Description: This symposium is marking the 50 years of activity of the International Heat Flow Commission. Until the middle of the 20th century, surface heat flow of the Earth was known only for individual patches of the globe’s continents. As geodynamic concepts stated to become generally accepted, there was a urgent need for a general assessment and mapping of terrestrial heat flow. Correspondingly, the first decades of IHFC activity were devoted to all aspects regarding instrumentation for in situ measurements on land and at sea, and methods for measuring thermal rock properties in the laboratory. These measurements were condensed in a heat flow data base which today is available via the internet. Based on these measurements, first heat flow maps were made available, both for individual countries, continents and the entire globe. Today these data are available as input and boundary conditions for a scope of topics ranging from geodynamics, paleo-climate research, to geothermal energy and hydrocarbon production problems. As these communities have developed individually and sometimes somewhat disconnected from each other, this symposium will provide a platform for exchange of ideas, methods, and concepts which may prove useful in the neighboring field. Therefore we invite contributions from researchers producing, processing, or analyzing data characterizing thermal rock properties and the thermal regime of the Earth at various depth scales. Reviews will be solicited on the current state of the three broad fields of research mentioned above and individual contributions are invited reporting progress on specific topics in any of these fields.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: February 4, 2013


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